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At Nextel Systems Ltd., we specialize in importing and distributing advanced telecommunication systems of both wired and wireless technology. We take pride in representing international companies, leaders in their respective fields, producing a range of top quality telecommunication systems designed to be implemented in offices, customer service & support centers, conference rooms, etc’.

These telecommunication systems are being used by the majority of companies in Israel, consisting of various market segments such as governmental, defense, security, financials, domestic HQ's of international companies, High Tech, insurance, mobile communications, ISP's and more.

We reach the various market segments through an array of qualified value added resellers, certified and skilled with integrating these systems into a comprehensive solution in numerous offices, conference rooms and service centers in Israel. Thanks to the supreme quality of the systems we distribute, the vast knowledge of the local market and the long term partnership with local VAR's, we manage to maintain an ongoing leadership in promoting our solutions, which are highly compatible with existing core analog phone, VoIP and Unified Communication.

We are constantly seeking to achieve excellence, believing that the key in maintaining an ongoing success is: offering top quality products of leading vendors, to be appropriately integrated using high level of pre & post sale technical support while ensuring the ultimate user's satisfaction

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